What is the Value Bucket Model?

The Value Bucket Model (VBM) prioritization method finds its origin in the same train of thought as WSJF and RICE. It divides value with effort and ranks according to the highest outcome. The goal is to objectively value your initiatives and not make relative assumptions (although you can use relative sizing with Fibonacci or t-shirt sizing).
You can have multiple value models in your organization since each department or group of teams will be managed by their own specific KPIs.
So, lets use these to determine value for each of them.

Value is a score based on the normalization to 1-5 for each KPI (or bucket) multiplied by the weight of the KPI. The norm can be used as is or translated to the Fibonacci sequence (see example). Our online tool uses the Fibonacci sequence for its calculations.

Effort is the number of iterations (in Scrum you would know these as Sprints) all required teams would need to finish the work multiplied by the percentage of the team needed.

Score = Value / Effort
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